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Enquêtes en cours - La maison du bourreau (22499 vues)
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Enquêtes en cours - La maison du bourreau

Enquêtes en cours - La maison du bourreau

Publié le : 28/06/2012

Localités : Midi-PyrénéesToulouse
Programmes : Société
22499 visites

Suite de notre série sur le paranormal. Coup de projecteur sur la "maison hantée" de Toulouse. Une maison qui a défrayé la chronique pendant des années. Présentation par Yves Lignon, statisticien et spécialiste du paranormal, auteur d'Enquêtes scientifiques au cœur de l'étrange.

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le 30/07/2012à 13h47, Rui Macedo a écrit :
J´ai habiter cette maison dans mon enfance.
le 16/02/2014à 6h51, Angela Leong a écrit :
I am in a real bad place in life where i don''t have a job, and cannot go on paying for living expenses much longer as  i am paying everything from the money I have been saving over the years of my married life since 1993.  The problem is my family in other country & other state is not wanting to help me with money or to help me move to back to that country they are at or any other path that can seem a better way to live than the one I am living.  They just seem determined to get me to divorce, because the fact that I was getting supported all these years is suddenly a problem, because now they are not as wealthy as they used to be, I think.  Either way, I am forced into a turmoil of up-s & down-s of living dangerously in terms of security due to how I am not even getting the support that normal people with supportive families get.  I have always not been able to get much done, because my husband did everything official & important, so now, I am left in a real bad place of having no answer to this situation I have been forced into based on what the surrounding decided for to happen to me, these schemes could have stemmed from a variety of reasons with the main one centered around pride, extreme competitiveness, jealousy & greed that it was probably in the scheme to send me to crazy house, and if all fails, to kill me off.   My mother has even shown sides of wanting my husband for herself in a way where she would rather keep him for herself as a man and as a possible financial source now that my father has died is so I was told, but how will I even know the truth, whether he is really dead or not?  This is because they say my husband is too good for me, that she would rather have my nieces have him since my brothers are lousy parents in whatever sides.  Can you believe she is thinking about having my teenage nieces treat my husband in his forties as their man, it makes me so disgusted and appalled at the knowledge in how her mind works.  My so called brother came to help me with my transportation vessel, he showed up with a female telling me that she is our cousin, but how would I know?  I haven't seen him in more than sixteen so years & if that is the cousin claiming, then I haven't seen her since 1973, despite feeling strange about suddenly showing up after all these years, as if they even cared all these years,  I found out it was to get a better feel about how & who I have become after these years, and obviously was envious since he left after the first day when he was supposed to be able to stay for a longer time & wanted to take certain things from i, which he did do as a result.  I thought he could help with a lot more things, but he left abruptly.  After he left, I looked like a completely different person, not good looking of course in my mind, I also couldn't feel anything in the private parts, I was shocked, and above all, I was really ill for a long time after that, and that has never completely ceased till this day.  At this rate, I will become homeless.  Please give me advice on what steps I can take.  I have been asking husband & my family all this time to give me some contacts to possible career, not like they don't have any, but whenever I bring that up, it is completely IGNORED.  Which I am beginning to think is that,  for me to get a job is never what these that created this scheme can ever let me do.  Why, I don't know, but what else can it be about?  If I get a job, I will be able to go on paying for living expenses & maybe i will be able to make it in life, and as it is evident by now, that is not acceptable for these people.  They want me to not be able to make it & become homeless & in the course of that I would have to give up on all my possessions that I have accumulated all these years, is what I think the main goal in all of this is about.  Angela A. Leong
need to file taxes, but I can't even get an email from him, don't know where to reach him.  I heard he could be held up against his will here somewhere here in Anaheim in CA is what I heard, or maybe even all over the place, I just don't know other than hear about these things in this house that is tapped that didn't know at the time of purchase.  That is a place that is not really what it says it is, in other words it is hooked up with the local legislative body and PDs to get certain things done to those that are selected by them to frame so they can end up at a place where they can take their personal treasures, assets, etc., knowing all these years, I have been having him take care of those kind of things for this house.  If you know anybody in Toulouse that can somehow threaten the state/PD tied so called hospitals that aren't even really medical hospitals for the people's well being but used for those in power to make those selected ones physically weak, so they can have their way with them, either hold them down from succeeding any further or in the end take everything they've earned till this day for their own greedy gain, is what is going on here, please believe me.  The odd thing is nobody is available to help me, not his family nor mine, and it is not like I had a lot of friends, he was my best friend for 22 years.  My husband is from usa and I grew up in Japan, my capabilities to get him out of trouble that is on a gov. level is way below standard, I don't even know why he married me unless he loves I, even though there are those that would keep telling me that he didn't really.  But I love him more than anyone else, and I don't think I will see him anymore at this rate.  Please see what you can do behind the scenes.  

By the way, the ER sent to is a state hospital here in ca.  There's also facility I was transferred to with ambulance, where all the cars parked  on the outside of it are of the PD s. I had to strip to nothing of any of my own clothes on me at the state hospital, and was forced to strip out of my clothes, including got my brassiere taken away by then, both of these two places forced me to shower. They must have special water there, I drank tap water and felt like a concrete building collapsed on my chest.  It is not like the average shower at home.  Is the orange juice they had for us to drink really orange juice? or could there be unknown substances of whatever chemicals they pestled in mortars, put in  drinks, even coffee, on days of decided kill day of certain individuals, that they are following on the daily schedule already printed out every morning.  And the food I ate at these places may taste good, but after eating breakfast that last day I was there, my stomach hurt so much that I couldn't even stand, and lay scrunched in a fetal position for the whole morning not able to walk around and do the easiest things.  Angela A.Leong

I went to ER in Oct. 2013, and when they with drew blood from me, they left the needle in my arm for 24hrs.  whatever was done to my blood, is putting me in a place where I would be chronically unhealthily ill.  I don't feel like I have to be sacrificing my health for someone that is severly ill, for the reason that the one you guys care about or are supporting, is suffering with these symptoms that you guys are making me experience everyday.  Ever since I came home from the hospital, I have been suffering from extreme itch on the back combined with extreme chills, probably due to the fact that I was forced to shower & that isn't even really what someone like me should go through, I heard later that, that isn't even real shower, it is for them to be able to track me so they can make my life miserable that I would crack in the process of them continuing to drive me crazy so I would go back to them, and the crazy cycle repeats itself over & over again,  because to this itch & chill that is a Dr."Sakurai" from 1985, skill to be able to do wrong to patients that apparently has many white and yellow relatives here in ca to carry this out for him since he taught them how,  that I can't get out of my sleep wear even during the day.  and that in the end makes it hard to even do the easiest of tasks.  Then about three weeks ago, this lady came to my front door and knocked on it, after she left, I got a real bad stomach ache and it has been non stop of throw up feeling and no appetite or should I say that some people can take a person's appetite away from that person?  If I am not dead, but some have decided that they have the right to kill off that person by ruining that person's healthy body, where is the justice of my own individual right over my own self.   Give me back my right over my health, I don't need a bunch of people thinking they can behave as though they are GODS, from the clan of red, golden child, autumn mountain, child nomore gold PHD, etc.  I don't know what this clan has against I, I have been nothing but good to this clan since the 1980's.  GIVE ME BACK MY HEALTHY STOMACH THAT SHE OR HE STOLE TIME AND TIME AGAIN.  People of your clan (koreans or Okinawans, don't know which, both maybe) are not above me to be able to decide on something that I haven't agreed to.  Angela A.Leong
le 16/02/2014à 7h07, Angela Leong a écrit :
Please take time to read this & see if you can wipe out unecessary powers of certain people, using more powerful magic than these possess, thanks.

what happens when people only support those that have planned for the future of taking down their arch-enemy from so many directions?  How would I have known that everything after 1982 spring was revolved around helping a calculative person that I was allowed to have as a friend to be in my life, become a better looking and improve on her academics.  At this stage of my life, I found out that a lot of things were done behind the scenes in order to have set certain precedences in life for the near future(which was all throughout the teenage years) as well as for a further distant future (which is now in 2014).  Cette mere peculiare & s'etrange fille de biologique would be in a place to be able to gain the support of relatives with certain powers that has different names in calculative, conniving interactions they have with each other.  This already happened since Spring 1982, where these supporters that are close to the mother et s'etrange fille biologique, would use their magic that has been in their famille pour cent ans, to take certain traits that they deem are of superior qualite for eus-memes, that they don't have, and pass on traits that would  make me of an inferior qualite for it to be for the image for me to have in the eyes of the world.   And if I seemed to show some potential of even excelling slightly more than expected in studies, there would have been people that would have cooperated in either slowing me down by taking away some basics we are equipped with from birth, that will have i wonder what is wrong that those things are suddenly weak and take away the staying ability to do the things others are doing in the same relaxed way that we are supposed to all be able to equally.  However, some people think that we are not all made equal and that some have more right over another person, even if they are exactly as the term says that "they are a hero in their own mind",but
they will go out their way to draw out a carefully laid out plan and allocate how certain relatives in the particular expertise would follow that particular job distrubuted to him/her, with all in their correct places, the construction of the grand plan of making someone way less than it is or had the possibility of becoming has been made.  This happened in the 1980's, and some people would've used so many affiliates or alliances to cooperate such as religious groups, people that possess the power to affect the future, etc., except that these things were all used for wrong purposes that in the end, even if they are people with tremendous power, it is dangerous for the world to have people like these performing unreal, mortal happenings for favors, because what happens when these people are like addicts of watching the good ones in this world fall miserably to promote for those that are mediocre but play the right people in life so as to teach a lesson
to those that don't use their smarts to make a person's life miserable and punish them, why would it be acceptable for these people with power to do favors to help these low qualite "too much time on their hands" addicts?  Also,I did not know anything about certain things in this world that exists,such as that there are some people that would use the power of the unseen, spirit, ombre,  ses ancetres, etc., to be in the lead of the life we live in that I so happened to have shared the same experiences at some particular times with that person.  These are trying to bring back that era when they did all these things to make my life really unbearable, again in 2014.  People they would have used to ruin my appearance were mainly in the profession of dentistry, orthodontists,- maybe by using teeth molds they made me make back then that they still keep in their collections case at home, hospitals,-does anyone knows what happens to the remnants resulting from abortion, are they disposed resepectedly?, vampire magic of another era, once again to do with blood, and bones, with the image that comes with Transylvania--- that s'etrange fille biologique de cette mere peculiar would even do their own magic spell of changing a person's looks completely with whatever they can do at home, and some of those with power with do it for them, is what I am saying is the problem.  I am always wondering why ma mere would allow all these things to happen to "i", it almost seems like she was cooperative in such things?  great disappointment as well as finding out how the real personality is deep underneath, and it is rot, that is either rotting the rest or has gotten rot by the actual real rotted one, either way it is charcoal already to "i".  To make me an example out of, and to be a laughed at by the whole world to still do the same thing that was done back in the 1980's, but now on a whole severe scale, that she went out her way to be part of those that still wanted to destroy "i" in this era by wanting me to part with ma homme, si elle se veut, c'est tres mal dans sa tete, elle est quatre vingt cinq and, c'est grotesque to want to prove to the whole world that I am not as capable than her as a woman in affairs a faire d'homme et a politiq a faire de socialites, le fact elle a ete tres competitive a moi, est un surpris vrai.  Now, I can see why I did poor, worst in my chronology in studies around quinze ans, which is around the time some people (such as that s'etrange fille biologique de qu'a mere peculiar) started to prepare for college standarize d test that was require d for to take in a few years., that I wasn't even able to get any guide to help me do those prep exercises.  What is worse, I found out they took what they needed from i for the dessert part of their meal in completing their state of art work in the straight A grades at a varietal of courses, whilst I was in disbelief at how i was no longer a sponge in learning, dropping at an accelerated speed without really knowing the root stemming under ground cause behind my fall in selected courses, I discovered later, were the ones they were interested in obtaining from i for their dessert part of the meal.  Here is a question that I have, since these are still attempting at bringing back that low point in my life to this current 2014, so that I would be unhappy and feeling low in esteem is their purpose for doing all the things they are now, I am concluding from what I am getting recently in my life.    Shouldn't those with power to be able to do magic put these people to test first instead of accepting the offers requested by those supporters that would ask these with magic power to do it for the one they are supporting? I mean what if the ones without the supporters are way more deserving of obtaining the power of these people with true magic power, because even if you help these without unnecessary abundant amount of supporters, it is 97%probable that the world will not head for a downward free fall cause they do not possess the inability to be in the realistic real time of not to be addicted in the need to fulfill it's jealousy & possessive personality, that aims at destroying another person's life.  Because of this, if there is anyone that would be nice to that person, it is so obsessed that it would make sure to take those that are nice to that person out of the picture or make them become their alliances, is how problematic cette mere peculiare et s'etrange fille biologique as well as her type amongst their relatives do things & is still trying to do after 30 years.   Clairly, you see, it is really frightening to do things in the same pour choses particular, because it is a different time now in 2013 even in the fact that we are no longer children,  which will compete in a unfashionable exterior with what is more of le temps present,  that what it is doing for all about for self, personal happiness at the cost of robbing another person's happiness results in more severe effects in people's lives, that I believe, is "Unforgiven" and should be viewed upon in that stage light as well when they are on the "STAGE OF WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS NONETHELESS".    Angela A.Leong
le 05/03/2014à 13h22, M.M a écrit :
J'ai habité juste en face au 23 rue de la chaussée( avant destruction) pendant 10 ans, de 1950 à 1960 et je suis désolée de ne pas pouvoir vous faire plaisir en ce qui concerne les fantômes !
Cette maison était souvent occupée par des SDF qui les pauvres se chauffaient comme ils pouvaient... en faisant des feux dans des bassines de fer. Mais de fantômes, point.

Commentez !

Vous ...

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